You can use PowerShell and Windows Task Scheduler to automate various tasks on a Windows system. From within a PowerShell script, it is also easy to ping Healthchecks.io.

Here is a simple PowerShell script that pings Healthchecks.io. When scheduled to run with Task Scheduler, it will send regular "I'm alive" messages. Of course, you can extend it to do more things.

# Save this in a file with a .ps1 extension, e.g. C:\Scripts\healthchecks.ps1
# The command to run it:
#     powershell.exe -ExecutionPolicy bypass -File C:\Scripts\healthchecks.ps1
Invoke-RestMethod https://hc-ping.com/your-uuid-here

You can send additional diagnostic information in HTTP POST requests:

Invoke-RestMethod -Uri https://hc-ping.com/your-uuid-here -Method Post -Body "temperature=-7"

For other parameters, you can use in the Invoke-RestMethod cmdlet, see the official Invoke-RestMethod documentation.

As an alternative to putting the script in a .ps1 file, you can also pass it to PowerShell directly, using the "-Command" argument:

# Pass the command to PowerShell directly:
powershell.exe -Command "&{Invoke-RestMethod https://hc-ping.com/your-uuid-here}"