About Healthchecks.io

Healthchecks.io is an online service for monitoring regularly running tasks such as cron jobs. It uses the Dead man's switch technique: the monitored system must "check in" with Healthchecks.io at regular, configurable time intervals. When Healthchecks.io detects a missed check-in, it sends out alerts.

Who Runs This

Healthchecks.io is a product of SIA Monkey See Monkey Do, currently a one-man software and consulting company. The one man is Pēteris Caune, a long time Python developer from Valmiera, Latvia. Mastodon, Github.

Goals and Values

  1. Do one thing and do it well: alert when something does not happen on time. Focus on clean and quick UIs, reliable APIs, and user happiness. In technology choices, prefer simple and boring.
  2. Respect the user's time and privacy. Don't send marketing emails. Don't make the "Close Account" function hard to find. Don't use any JS-based analytics.
  3. Monitoring for everyone. Healthchecks.io is free for hobby use, for open source projects, and for non-profits. Healthchecks is free software, and can be self-hosted.

Open Source

Healthchecks.io is an open-source project. The code is on GitHub. It has BSD license and is accepting contributions.

Healthchecks.io donates 5% of its monthly recurring revenue to open-source projects it relies on directly and indirectly. We use Github Sponsors for the majority of the donations.

Open Data

Here are a few metrics about the service (updated manually, last updated: June 3, 2024).

8 years in business
27 800 free accounts
67 open source & non-profit accounts
647 paying accounts
13 900 USD monthly recurring revenue
141 000 checks (services monitored)
36 900 000 pings processed per day
39 600 notifications sent per day

Reliability Guarantees

The service currently runs on Hetzner bare metal servers, with healthy excess capacity to handle traffic spikes. The app servers are load-balanced. The PostgreSQL database has a hot standby as well as full daily backups to S3. The database fail-over process is manual, and the ops team consists of a single person, so multi-hour or even multi-day outages are possible!

As a business, Healthchecks.io is profitable and sustainable.

In case of incidents, we post status updates to our status page, status.healthchecks.io, and our Mastodon account, @healthchecks_io@fosstodon.org.

While we can only guarantee the best effort availability, in practice, the availability has exceeded 99.9% since the service publicly launched in July 2015.


Email: contact@healthchecks.io
Mastodon: @healthchecks_io@fosstodon.org

Mailing address:

SIA Monkey See Monkey Do
Matīsa iela 61A - 20
Rīga, LV-1009